4x4 mème
So, Richard wants me to enter that game?
Ok, let's play, I love games.

First rule: pretend you don't like it

I don't much like this kind of chain thing, but as you would like to know more, I'll tell you more - it may even help me.

Second rule: do it anyway

4 jobs I've had

The boy who does everything at the printing office:
my first summer job, cleaning the floor, using chemicals, hand-folding gatefolds, wrapping reams, cleaning the films with x-actos, eating sandwiches everyday, and learning to ask the boss the real money he owed me (yes I think I should get paid for this extra week I've done).

One of the guys who does everything at the children hospital:
I won't tell you what I saw during the summers of my life as a student, you wouldn't like it.
But now when my daughters say it hurts, I just laugh at them.

The man who sells children books:
One of the greatest achievements in my life: when a couple of dutch tourists came back to me one year after I recommended this textless book for their son.
The boy enjoyed it so much, they came back one year later, asking for another advice.
Wow, I'm still amazed.

The 14-years old freelance journalist:
My very first paid job: writing an article about acid house music for one of my parents' friend who wanted to know more about this strange teen music.
He is a reporter himself and probably wanted to encourage a vocation, I got 200 francs (30 €) for this work I really enjoyed to do (hand-written pages with day-glo ornaments + mixtape).

4 shows I never miss

As most of the people out there I don't have TV, but thanks to the web I never miss Dexter, La Commune, Lost, Naruto (it's for my daughter, I'm telling you it's for my daughter!).

4 places I've been

Luckily enough, I could live here (for ten days), before the total gentryfication of the island.
Architecture is a shock, people are crazy, the place is great; popcorn 'n donuts.

When I was a child I lived for a few weeks in a typical italian building filled with famillies, the kids taking me with them in their wanderings through the streets, eating gelati, following religious processions, playing in the courtyards, and pasta, pasta, pasta.

A honeymoon a few years after our marriage, but a honeymoon anyway.
Thanks to my mom who knows people out there, we could live in a nice little palazzo.
All the ladies wear fur coats and dalmatians were very fashionable at the time.
Great cheese in the trattorias.

Like the three ones before, a great place for architecture.
It was Christmas, I brought back a Cheech 'n Chong VHS, and a bunch of Stevie Wonder LPs (don't ask me why).
I can't remember the food.

4 music artists I'm listening to

Miss Le Bomb
Poni Hoax
So So Modern
Steeple Remove

Third rule: tag 4 other people you know, but you'd like to know more

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Fourth rule (it's 4x4 thing, right?):

please somebody find me a ffffound! invitation!